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Easy English

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Derzeit mache ich ja den Kurs “Trainee für die Wirtschaft mit”. Zum Inhalt gehört auch eine Fremdsprachenauffrischung. Dabei kommt dann so was raus :-) :



Has she murdered three person?


Two police officers found Cindy Crowford behind her steering wheel of her big black mercedes cabrio.

She said to the Officers: “Yes I was to fast on the Higway!”


The Officers checked the car and found Blood drops out of the luggage space.He found three dead and fragmentet person a Papparazo, a Laweyer and a Terrorist.


On the Questions: “Why you have dead people on his luggage space?”

He confessed:

“Yes I hate Paparzzo`s! I have rent a Terrorist to bomb the Paparazzo to Hell! And rent the Lawyer to arrest the Terrorist after he has done his job.
But the Plan failed! The Paparazzo let fall down his big camera on the food of the Lawyer. He jumped around and jumped on the Food of the Terrorsit. The Therrorist was angry and murdered the Lawyer with a mobile Phone. In Between the Paparazzo got his cammera to shoot Photos. He Flashed the Terrorist! The Terrorist`s Bomb fell down and exploded. All Bodys flying trough the Air and the fragments landed on my car. All Ppeople dead and I save money.


The comment of the police officer:”A crazy story … we have more Questions to miss Candy Crowford! The Story is to fantastic.”

Hier noch ne Bewerbung als PDF ! Application - Robinson.pdf

Gruß Ralf

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